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Bestselling New Crime Fiction: Holy Lies (Part One)

Press Release: May 26, 2020

Holy  Lies  (Part  One)  New  Crime  Bestseller From Author  S K Sheridan 

An addictive, page-turning read for anyone who likes a gripping story full of lies, sex, revenge, manipulation and corruption.

Holy Lies has at its core a twisted tale of Catholic corruption; one fueled by love, sex, lies, manipulation and revenge. Sister Veronica, the amateur sleuth, discovers she has the most compelling reason to investigate a murder, one that becomes a matter of life and death for her too. Plunged into a world of dark chaos, she trawls her way through the corruption that makes up the underbelly of Roman Catholicism. Shocked to discover that some of the good people she knows are also immoral and dishonest, Sister Veronica slowly pulls the veil from each lie until the identity of the murderer is laid bare.

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