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Best Trusted Modern Day Astrologer in Kolkata

Press Release: July 01, 2020

Sree sajal is known for the best astrological readings and the cures and remedies. Astrology is the refined science by which you can know about the future happenings and all life processes. And astrologers these days with their abilities can predict and know all the future happenings and events in sequence accurately, and can also come up with the beneficial remedies in order to make these happenings successful. Astrology is a vast science as well as an art that demands deep learning and understanding. With  the help of astrology, it becomes easy and swift to handle the coming events and even situations of the future. With the help of astrology you can live your life with great finesse.


On what spheres of life does astrology work upon? 


  • Personal life
  • Professional life, it can guide you about your success rate and the ongoing conditions in your company
  • Your career life
  • Marriage prospects
  • Best time for child birth
  • Your business happenings
  • Future of your child and the right direction etc


Benefits of astrology

  • Predicts your future
  • Helps gain certainty  in life
  • Provide you a true guidance
  • Directs a right career path
  • Gives remedies for each problem
  • Helps in love related issues
  • Tells pros and cons of beginning something new
  • Checks relationship compatibility

Services provided by sree sajal


  • Career astrology
  • Health astrology
  • Marriage astrological reading
  • Numerology
  • Palmistry
  • Kundli dosh nivaran astrology
  • Tanta
  • Horoscope reading etc

so talking about the factors on which your life success rests on -


  1. Position and influence of a planets 
  2. Dashas, like rahu, shani dasha
  3. Selection of your career or business
  4. Your karmas of pre birth
  5. Timely opportunities 
  6. Numerology
  7. Your date of birth
  8. Time of birth
  9. Location of birth

Just with the help of three things, your date of birth, time of birth and place of birth astrologers tell you the past, present and all the future events. All the  positives that are going to happen, or can make you aware about the obstacles you may face in future and also the right remedies and ways that need to be followed, all can be told by the help of astrology and its readings. Astrology helps you to know the right remedies that need to be done in regards to being successful in a situation.


Remedies can vary from -


  • Some kind of donation 
  • Salt water bath
  • Feeding birds
  • Using particular essence
  • Going to temple
  • Wearing some gemstones
  • Wearing a pendant etc.

Sree sajal has the best team of proficient and highly experienced astrologers in Kolkata.

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