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Best time to develop your own Uber Clone App

Press Release: August 13, 2020

The world is moving at a great pace, technology is advancing. Hectic and busy schedules demand quick solutions. But all of this got stopped because of this pandemic situation. Slowly but surely everything is coming back to normal, people have started stepping out of their homes. The daily routine is back on track, but this pandemic has increased the demand for ride-hailing business. People are avoiding public transportation as much they can. Also, other reasons like High car maintenance cost, high road tax, Cops fine, Pollution, huge traffic, these are supporting the demand for online taxi booking apps. Ride-Hailing business is currently ruled by Uber. They started from San Francisco and now operate worldwide. To compete with other big names like ola, Lyft, hailo, startups need to come up with the perfect uber clone app. Many startups and opportunity seekers have shown interest in the ride-hailing business, and as per the survey by the year, 2023 ride-hailing business will be amongst the most profitable and demanding business models. So now you know about the present scenario and expected future. 

Time Taken to Develop an Uber Clone Application

This question is debatable, Each company showcases itself as the fastest and greatest amongst its competitors. Truth is that App Development takes time if you need exclusive features, custom logo scripts. More features require more development time. This time period is dependent on how much you want to customize your uber like app. Let's Discuss deeply:


Design Process: Designing an attractive layout for your mobile app will support the success of your application. The design process generally takes a minimum of 40 hrs to 160 hrs. This totally depends on how eye-catchy you want your app to be.

Registration and Profile Management System: This takes around 120 hrs to get completed.

Integration of Location services: It is most important for any application and takes time to get integrated. Around 140 hrs of time needed to be invested in it.

Integration of Secured Payment Gateways: This takes around 60+ hrs.

All these times are the average of all the app development company or app developer teams. Before investing in an uber clone app make sure you decide your targeted location, budget, features you want in your app. It is recommended if you are a startup, go for a ready-made white-labelled uber clone script, as it is cheaper in comparison to developing a custom application from scratch.

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