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Best subscription box with Greek food now available in UK and Ireland

Press Release: March 02, 2017

The Greek startup MonthlyFlavors delivers a package of premium Greek delicacies to subscribers in selected countries. MonthlyFlavors now also ships to the UK and Ireland. The service is available via http://www.monthlyflavors.com.

What is so special about MonthlyFlavors?

MonthlyFlavors is a young Greek startup which aims to promote exquisite Mediterranean delicacies worldwide. In form of a monthly subscription box for gourmets,

MonthlyFlavors sends a unique selection of high quality Greek and Mediterranean delicacies. Each package contains 5-6 carefully selected food products from small producers. These include products created by traditional family farms, by farmers specialized in organic farming, as well as new innovative producers specialized in combining the different flavours of the Mediterranean into novel food products.
The subscription box is carefully composed every month anew. Subscribers discover new types of tea, spices, herbs, high quality olive oil and honey, traditional and novel sauces, salads, spreads, dips, even novel drinks and sweets. "The Mediterranean has always been a melting pot of flavors from east and west, from north and south. Over the centuries a very specific flora has evolved and about 6000 partially unique plants have preserved in the region. Many of them are endemic, i.e. can be found only there. This exquisite mix of flavours and aromas make our products so special" says Yiannis Voultsis, CEO of MonthlyFlavors.

How to order?

Gourmets from the UK and Ireland can now subscribe directly through the website www.monthlyflavors.com. "Although we have not yet made much advertising in the UK and Ireland, we have already been discovered by numerous customers. Customers telling friends is probably the highest form of flattery for our high quality subscription box”, says Yiannis Voultsis.

The ordering process is simple: Subscribers just have to fill out their address and payment information online. The box will be shipped directly to their doorstep once payment has been made. The box full of handpicked delicacies is delivered each month directly to the home or office address and includes only full size products (no samples).

Packaging, taxes and shipping costs are included in the subscription price. The subscription can be cancelled any time. "We know that many of our friends in UK and Ireland love Greek flavours. We want to entice these people into discovering new delicacies from Greece and enjoy a bit of from Greece wherever they live".

Notes to editors

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