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Best Stair lifts & Excellent Service from a Trusted Seller

Press Release: February 02, 2010

US, Feb 01,2010 The motto line of Jameson Medical explains their success. It says Simply Take Care of our Patients... the Dollars Will Take Care of Themselves! Having server communities in US since 1991, they have sold a range of medical and assisted living products to the utmost satisfaction of their customers. The number of awards they have received speaks volumes about the satisfaction their customers had dealing with them. In selling of Stair lifts, a lot depends on the quality of Stair Lifts and distributor importance and Jameson Medical has reputation and credibility to be a leader. Stair lifts and the research of StairLift is a tedious process, but their staff has been working and improving these products for many years. Jameson sells the market leading top Stair Lift brand Summit, which has load capacities of 350-500lbs while working on both AC & DC.

Modern stair lifts are found to be having a wide variety of features such as adjustable seat height, battery isolation switches, call stations, rail, key switch, folding step, speed governor, seatbelt, soft start and soft stop. They provide greater comfort to those who have difficulties climbing up and down the stairs. Today, stair-lifts are recognized as essential aid for people with a range of mobility problems which create difficulties while climbing stairs and indeed are provided not only in domestic settings, but in public facilities where accessibility is both recognized and supported. So the best brands have to of high quality and having all the above features. The quality of the Stair Lifts and brand importance has put Jameson medical at the top of such device distributors.

Jameson Medical has the expertise and years of experience to guide you on the kind of Stair lift suitable for you. You must be very careful when choosing a stair lift. The market offers different types of stair lifts with many features focusing on safety, convenience and comfort including seat height adjustment, flip up safety rail and seat belt, soft start and stop, folding steps, key switch, battery isolation and telephone station. Price also is an important factor. You can also be assured of Stair Lift best prices by Jameson Medical, Inc. The most important things you may have to take care while purchasing stair lifts are, he Brakes and the Censors, the Seat Belt, Controller for the Stair Lift and the Movable Chair. Jameson helps you not only with the Stari lift, but also advice on buying, measurement, installation & future service requests.

About Jameson Medical Inc.:

Jameson Medical is a Better Business Bureau multiple award winning company that distributes medical and assisted living products. Since 1991 they have serving communities across US, by providing high quality devices in Stair lifts, electric scooter, massage tables etc.

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