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Best-Selling Author Releases New BADASS Book

Press Release: June 15, 2016

- Sheila Burke’s popular conversationalist style of writing has been inspiring readers since 2010, and her latest release Enriched Heart is another absolute delight!

A mix of knowledge and wit, this title delves into Zen and Tao, explaining that we’re all more than capable of getting through whatever life throws at us because we are in fact, all badass souls. An easy read, Burke turns ancient wisdom into a modern day manifesto for a healthy way of thinking, a better way of living, and for building a better world by being a better human.

" Dwelling on the past is like dragging a boat over dry land. Sheila M. Burke

“Enriched Heart is designed to finally disentangle your ego from your soul. Using the tools of ancient Tao, best-selling author Sheila Burke shows you techniques that bridge that gap, a gap many of us have been seeking our entire lives. I highly recommend.” Dr. Shawne Duperon, Project Forgive Founder, 6-Time EMMY winner.

“FANTASTIC! A well-written blend of the practical and metaphysical. Very well done, I highly recommend.”
Kate Spencer, best-selling author of “Twelve Lessons”

“Enriched Heart is an enlightening read that teaches balance in life isn’t about making everything equal, it’s about sharing equal parts of your heart for each area of your life.” Robert Clancy, Inspirational Speaker, Spiritual Teacher, and author of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Soul

Short Bio

Sheila Burke is the founder of Being Better Humans and Zensational Living, online communities inspiring over a quarter million readers. Sheila has authored several books including Amazon best-sellers Booyah! Spirit and Chorus of Souls. Her writing has been featured in The Wall Street Journal Best-Selling Books as well as USA Today Best-Selling Books. Sheila and her husband reside in Northeast Ohio and have three children.

Available at Amazon and many bookstores. For more information visit sheilamburke.com.

Sheila Burke
Cleveland, OH
216 351 7888
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