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Best-in-Class Companies Create Big Sales Advantage Over Laggards

Press Release: March 15, 2010

Companies deploying Sales Intelligence solutions are seeing a 26% higher sales quota average than Laggard organizations. A report by the Aberdeen Group entitled 'Sales Intelligence: Preparing for Smarter Selling' found that best-in-class companies using sales solutions are seeing 52% of sales representatives achieve quota, opposed to just 26% in Laggard businesses.

The survey of 528 companies also found that those exploiting sales intelligence solutions were boasting a 5% year-on-year reduction in sales cycle time, compared to a 7% increase in Laggard counterparts.

CEO of Artesian Solutions, a software company providing automated Media Monitoring and business insight said the report 'articulated significant productivity gains in using automated sales software and concluded that companies adopting sales technology into everyday workflow (were) seeing just how vital highly relevant news at just the right time can be.

The Aberdeen group have made the full report available for free until April 30th http://miniurl.org/yTA

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