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Berties guide to wearing florals

Press Release: May 20, 2017

Northampton, United Kingdom – 5/5/2017 – Berties is a premium fashion boutique offering designer clothing, shoes, bags and accessories. They also are available online, providing an excellent personal styling. One of their major focus this summer is to help woman to style their summer’s trending fashion outfits and they are proud to introduce a guide to wearing florals.
Berties’ one of the major focuses is to spice up the summerflorals. Florals are a summer staple and it needs to be refreshed. Berties proudly states that florals are delightful and fun prints to style. They say that florals are one of the most fun outfits as they come in all sorts of pattern, variations and colours.This boutique is hence going to help improve the style with their creative guide, giving tips on wearing floral prints.
The brand says,they intend to make the floral piece standout, and they achieve so by pairing it with pastels or neutral outfits. Berties gives the example of, a floral skirt paired with plain grey or white top and advicesto accessorise minimally.
The fashion experts here believe that with florals, it is all about experimenting and being bold using textures. They are promoting to focus on florals with different textures. Like a floral pant with a crochet top, they do not just limit to a certain texture, says Berties and advices to freely experiment further by pairing with lace or net blouses and even with suede shell tops.
This fashion brand aims to bring out the fashionista, by adorning a floral headpiece. Put up an outfit by wrapping a floral scarf around hair into a turban, which looks especially pretty with a neutral-coloured dress, high fashion they say. Accessorise with florals, by adorning a floral neckpiece or draping it over a dress in the form of a summer scarf.
The brand can totally see the vision of making chic and bold appearance in a floral long sweeping dress. There always hasto be a balance between outfits and accessories and shoes cannot be missed out. Therefore, they have a great option on moving florals to purse or shoes. Berties believes that this trend is intense and eye catching; however, is of course in a non-overwhelming way.
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Berties boutique from Northampton, established in the year1993, specialises in personal styling. This styling boutique aims to create fashion trends and to give right advice on casual daywear, work wear, evening outfits or that special occasion piece. They are known for offering free personal styling in-store and online. They love fashion and try to deliver fantastic service to make clients experience as pleasurable as possible!

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