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Berties guide for must have bags

Press Release: June 07, 2017

Northampton, United Kingdom – PRFire – Berties is a premier fashion boutique offering designer clothing, shoes, bags and accessories. They focus on bringing the latest fashion trends to their customers. Today, they have chosen to state all the must have bags in every women’s collection.

This boutiqueis from Northampton and is well known for giving out free advices on personal styling. Today their experts are glad to share some of their expertise when it comes to choosing the right bag for women. A female’s closet can be filled with more than one type of bags, which she may or may not use. The goal here for Berties is to suggest the type of bag which is essential and therefore will be used, rather than sitting in one corner of the closet shelves.

Berties says to keep three different sized bags, ranging from small, medium and large. As seen, the difference in the size will serve the purpose of carrying the needed essentials. Like for example, a small sling is much more preferable to carry in a party, as it will be meant to containa compact, lipstick and credit cards. Whereas if decided to take a medium sized bag, it will be more then what is required at the moment.

A medium sized bag is highly used on daily basis, which is big enough to carry couple of books, a lunch box and some essentials. This is a necessity for working-women; they can opt from the various styles such as a shopper bag or bucket bag. For college going women, a medium sized handbag will definitely compliment their attire more than what a backpack would.

A large bag is of course an option which is to be used when there is a need to carry more than just the regular essentials.” says the accessory expert from Berties. Remember this three much needed type of bags, which will help serve the purpose. In addition to that, the guide talks about exploring many designs of bags. Apart from that make a pick from varying options like saddlebags and tote bags.
Berties understand how tempting it is to indulge in a clutch or any other accessory that is adorned by the admired celebrities. But, they strongly suggest being practical when shopping bag selections, as investing in something which cannot be used often would probably be the waste of money.
Berties aim to inspire with their styling and works towards making their guides simpler and handy for their customers. With a great team of experts on fashion, they are always ready to advice on the latest trends.

About Berties:

Berties is boutique in Northampton, it was established in 1993. This boutique from Northampton is famous as they specialise in personal styling, trend and fine advice on casual daywear, work wear, evening outfits or that special occasion piece. They are known for offering free personal styling in-store and online. They are passionate about the clothes which shows their love for fashion. Making them keen to deliver fantastic service to make clients experience as pleasurable as possible!

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