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Bermuda shorts and socks with sandals- The top 10 ways to get dumped on holiday

Press Release: February 10, 2010

With Valentines Day looming, leading holiday website www.sunshine.co.uk conducted research on 1,678 people who had been on holiday with one or more partner and found that 23% of couples break up shortly after their first holiday together. Those surveyed blamed the enforced time together for making them see faults in their partner they had previously not noticed.

Of those questioned, the biggest turn off was their partner ogling other people on the beach, with 67% admitting this was why they had decided to break up with a boyfriend or girlfriend afterwards.

One person surveyed admitted the had bought mirrored sunglasses so that his partner would not be able to see where he was looking, and confessed that he had been dumped because of it.

The second biggest factor for getting dumped after a break away was inappropriate holiday wear, with 45% of respondents citing that bad outfit choices such as bum bags, Bermuda shorts, sandals and socks as major turn offs.

Being tight with money came in third with 43%. Those questioned stated that the most unattractive quality in a partner was them being stingy. 73% stating that hunting for the cheapest place to have dinner was the worst offence.

A further 7% stated that their partner wanting to spend every night in the local English bar so they could eat English food and watch English sporting matches had been the final nail in the relationship coffin.

Here is the entire top ten from the research conducted.
1.Ogling other people at the beach
2.Inappropriate holiday wear
3.Being tight with money
4.Getting too drunk
5.Being rude towards other holiday makers
6.Not wanting to do any activities whilst on holiday and stay in the complex
7.Preferring to spend time in the English bar rather than the local sites
8.Moaning about it being too hot
9.Being rude to staff and local people
10.Choosing to go on excursions on their own without there partner

Chris Brown Managing Director of the UKs fastest growing online travel agent www.sunshine.co.uk had this to say about the results,
The first time a couple go on holiday together can be rather a testing time, as they have to spend all their time together and people may for the first time see another side to a partner.
Some of the reasons given are very funny, but we do hope the majority of out customers have a great time when they go on their first holiday with a loved one.

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Editors Notes:

- www.sunshine.co.uk is the UK's largest independent online travel agent.

- The management team behind the company created and managed Holiday Watchdog which was bought by TripAdvisor in February 2008 for an undisclosed amount of money.

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