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Berkshire Psychologist provides a unique solution to Student Mental Health.

Press Release: July 03, 2020



Berkshire Psychologist provides a unique solution to Student Mental Health. 


Dr David Purves, a Berkshire Psychologist, has developed and now launched a clinical level online Self-Help Stress and Anxiety program called Student Stress Buster aimed at all university students 

University students are constantly exposed to high levels of pressure and stress; exams, deadlines, high expectations and now Covid-19. Their mental health must be a priority for their sustained well-being and success during this period of their lives. Many studies have shown that students are at risk of having mental health issues. In fact, the numbers are increasing each year. Furthermore, the majority of students who struggle with mental health are dissatisfied with the help currently available to them. 

Student Stress Buster is a collection of Self-Help Cognitive Behavioural Therapy programs that provide clinical level treatment solutions to panic, anxiety, depression and stress. It uses the clinical tools of the expert therapist and, translates these into self-help modules and tools that teach and train everyone to become their own therapist.  

In the modern world University students suffer considerable stress. This is increasing and, if not better managed, it often becomes a life path. The student stage of life offers a golden opportunity to learn about how to manage and eliminate mental health problems for good. 

Whilst Universities usually offer in-house counselling servicesthe waiting times and the limited availability mean that the demand for such services always far exceeds the provision. 

About Student Stress Buster (www.studentstressbuster.com) 

Student Stress Buster was created to put a different experience in the students’ hands. Student Stress Buster provides a different way of managing mental health, one where the individual is front and centre of their own wellbeing. For most people there is no natural barrier to a happy, fruitful and interesting life journey - Student Stress Buster just makes it easier to achieve and maintain.  

Aa a launch offer, Student Stress Buster is free for the first 60 days. Thereafter, the largest and most comprehensive Self-Help Cognitive Behaviour Therapy library of programs for students costs less than 50p per day. 

In a world where many things will be different, provision of serious and effective remote mental services is now here.  


Dr Purves specializes in helping people to overcome panic, anxiety, depression and stress through Self- Help CBT. 

Dr Purves is available for interview at: 

Email: [email protected] 

Telephone: 07801289787 

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