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Bennett Glass Repair offers a full restoration service on all types of sash windows

Press Release: June 26, 2017

Nottinghamshire, England
Bennet Glass have taken a unique initiative to provide restoration service of sash windows. These services include restoration or replacement of sash windows. They have taken this step to ensure that people who have used sash windows at their homes do not face difficulties in getting these windows repaired.
Bennett Glass specialise in provide glazing services that are aimed at fixing broken glass. This service is extremely crucial as broken glass can pose numerous threats to those living inside the house. They have a vast experience of providing restoration services on all types of sash windows.
In their 25 years of experience they have gained enough expertise and knowledge to deal with glass repair in the most proficient way possible. There are many intricacies in sash window repair and their customers believe they can repair almost any type of sash window. They have been able to restore sash windows that were deemed useless by their customer and had painted them shut, replaced all sash chords and pulleys and also parted the staff beading.
Bennett Glass can also replace missing lead weights and damaged staff and parting timber beading. They also provide the service of making sash windows draught proof. They are also believed to offer prompt services as they can respond quickly to any emergency repair service that is expected of them. They have a wide network of professional glaziers and this enables them to get to any location within the required time.
The CEO of Bennet Glass was quoted as saying, “Windows are extremely important in any house and a broken window is like an open invitation to a burglar. If a customer requires our glass repair service on an urgent basis then we have the required manpower and skill to get it repaired as quickly as possible.”
Bennett Glass Repair have over 25 years of experience in this industry and they are known to be highly reliable and quick in terms of delivering their services. They are also popular due to the fact that they offer their services at competitive rates.
For more information on emergency glass repair, visit http://bennettglassrepair.co.uk/
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