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Benefits of Structural steel software in Steel fabrication services

Press Release: March 30, 2010

Do you need structural steel details & shop drawings for your building construction or engineering related work?

If accuracy and cost-effectiveness is of prime importance then it makes sense for you to use revolutionary computer aided design (CAD) software such as Tekla(X-steel), AutoCAD and Revit Structures for fabrication purpose.

Latest steel detailing software comes with 3D modeling features that help accurately detail all the steel components, their connections, assembly and dimensions. This facilitates speedy and error-free fabrication and installation of the structure.

OSTD Detailing firm is a trusted choice of fabricators across USA, Europe & other parts of the world to get high-speed, accurate and on time steel detailing drawing services.

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Structural steel detailing software can be used for:
# Shop fabrication drawings
# Analyzing structural steel design
# Detailing structural components
# Installation drawings
# Modeling structure in 3D
# Designing Framing plans
# Detailing Beam/Column Connections
# Generate Bill of Materials, Part lists, etc
# Cost estimation & Collaboration with other departments
# Prepare Construction documents for BIM
# And many more

Structural steel software can be useful in detailing variety of structures such as high-rise buildings, commercial establishments, industrial plants & miscellaneous structures (stairs, trusses, guard handrails, roofs, joists, etc) as well.

If steel detailing work is not core to your business then outsourcing it to established firm makes sense for you. By doing it you are relived from buying expensive steel detailing software and training people to operate it.

At OSTD, we have dedicated team of Steel detailers and checkers to offer best-in-class services in compliance with international standards (BS, AISC, CISC, etc).

Outsource & Save 60% on steelwork detailing and shop drawings related services!

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