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Benefits of Outsourcing Customer Support Service

Press Release: July 18, 2020

Benefits of outsourcing customer support service Allen, an electronic engineer by profession, designed a watering system for his garden. It was so successful that neighbours too requested he install similar systems in their garden as well. One thing led to another and soon Allen opened up shop on eBay – the online retail store.

These products were designed to automatically start at pre-determined times of the day and stop after pre-determined duration. All these timings could be manually adjusted by the user. Moreover, it could also be remote controlled – in case the plants needed an extra squirt of water for a particularly dry day.

After a slow start, Allen’s business on eBay soon took off. From roughly two orders per week, he began receiving two orders or more per day. As you can realize, all his time was dedicated to making the product. He had no time left to answer Online Photo Editing Service queries or to even answer the phone for customers who needed a bit of help when trying to set up the timing.

In an effort at outsourcing customer service support, Allen’s wife Emma, did some research online and found out there were companies that provided virtual staff that handled a wide range of work including services.

One such company was staffcloud.biz Not only did they have an impressive list of clients, their fee chart too was pretty economical. Best of all, they did not insist on any long-term contracts or minimum fee obligations.

With the week, Allen conducted a one-hour training session via Skype for the virtual staff who would completely take over his eBay account and more importantly, the customer support services. All that Allen now had to do, was to concentrate on the production side of things.

Slowly the deal with Staffcloud was extended to online Digital Marketing Services Company. Six months into his partnership with Staffcloud, Allan was forced to hire locally based assistants to help him with the assembly of his product because; his order book was now averaging 7 orders per day.

Outsourcing customer support service is perhaps the easiest thing a growing business can do and it makes economic sense too. Most of the companies providing virtual staff are Asian based. The staff are usually graduates and highly skilled.

Working in shifts, they easily scale up to provide 24 x 7 customer support services. More importantly, besides accepting services requests, these virtual staffing companies provide a host of other services that include but are not limited to document scanning, financial accounting, transcriptions, populating databases and so forth.

Even if some service is not covered in their brochure, they are quick learners and eager to please. So, if you find you need an extra arm or a head to get a job done, just go ahead and outsource it. Outsourcing customer support services is the easiest of them all.

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