Press Release: September 20, 2019

Here’s a question: how many hours have you spent today more than a meter away from your smart phone? The response will be a couple of hours or less for most individuals. It may even be no time for others at all. The smartphone has almost become an extension of the human hand in today’s technology-driven globe. An accessory that is so vital that without it you feel naked. Mobile is often the last thing we look at before we sleep, and the first thing that we look at when we wake up. When you analyzes your daily life style, you realize there’s no escape from your mobile screen. However, the benefits of digital detox experiment are worth the effort.

A more content and calmer you.

Tons of social experiments have been carried out in which technology has been cut off and respondents are almost always amazed to be less stressed. You do not live in the present if you are on your mobile or absorbed into your messages. Only when you open your eyes to the here and now, you realize how easy it is to miss the good things around you.

Healthier relationships.

Healthier relation is another one of important benefits of digital detox experiment. Your real-life social connections may take a rear seat, in case you’re too long stuck in the cyber globe. Take this–43 percent of Australians who are in a relationship think that their spouse utilizes their phone too much and 70 percent admit that they use their phone in front of family or friends during mealtimes. We all know the one person at dinner who doesn’t get off their phone. Don’t be that person.
Your physical health will improve.

In case your eyes are glued to the screen, you’re apparently sitting or lying down. Issue of obesity is increasing at high rate due to lifestyle linked to the couch gazing at a screen. For your lower back and neck it’s not only awful, it’s also bad on your waist line. Unplug, go out and move the blood. You will feel surprised to know how much better you feel.

Improved sleep.

Lastly, improved sleep is one of vital benefits of digital detox experiment. Your brain releases a chemical called melatonin when your body knows it is time to sleep, which helps the body relax and prepare for some shut-eye. Science has shown that your brain is tricked into believing that it must stay alert and awake when you look at a screen before bedtime, preventing melatonin from being released. So, if you’re one of the people who use their phone right before going to bed, now you know why you might be tossing and turning into bed wondering why you can’t get to sleep.

Technology is amazing and the advantages of technology in so many parts of daily life are enormous. Being able to unplug and have some time off the screen, however, will leave you re-energized and more in contact with the globe around you. The above mentioned benefits of digital detox are just scratch on the surface and as and when you start your digital detox experiment, you’ll discover an amazing world. What are you waiting for? Start with the digital detox experiment now!

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