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Benefit of nutraceutical product for human health

Press Release: July 17, 2020

Nutraceutical product is one type of fortified food that is helpful for the better development of body and preventing from disease. Generally these products are not much regulated and tested as pharma products by nutraceutical product supplier. The word nutraceutical is combination of two words pharmaceutical and nutrition. It contains essential minerals, vitamins, fatty acids and contains good health properties. It is used to relate these term with nutritional healthy food. Over the last some years, numbers of dietary and nutraceutical supplements are become available for customers in many shops and pharmacies due to its increasing interest considering its potential benefits and positive effects. In the current time, scientists are doing efforts to make nutraceutical products more effective on various diseases and make immune system stronger with the continuous use of this product. In future it can also be use as alternative solution for various pharmaceutical drugs.


Nutraceutical products are also known as functional food, dietary supplements, fortified cereals, vitamin premixes, health supplements, whey protein powder and many more. The term of nutraceutical is also use interchangeably with other term such as dietary supplements. One can add this food normally in diet considering their health benefits. Dietary foods are made purposefully to add more dietary ingredients such as medical herbs, vitamins and amino acids to the diet considering its health benefit whereas biological functions of nutraceutical products are derived from food. These are the type of supplements which can be used for health and sold over the counter. For example beta carotene is found in vegetables and fruits but can be also made as nutraceutical product. Many nutraceutical protein supplement manufacturer sell their nutraceutical products with many remarkable claims such as health benefits and diseases treatment. They try to prove crucial role of their product in improving immune system but some of this claims are inappropriate.

These products are also made considering different age groups such as pregnant women and athletes because in some cases it works as a energy source and provide support to good bacteria which are responsible for the breakdown of food in digestive system. In recent times, nutraceutical products have gain high interest among many buyer groups due to their awareness towards nutritional benefits in health. Moreover you can also find health benefit of nutraceutical products from many fresh fruits and vegetables. People should take them regularly to reduce certain risk factors associated with diabetes, blood pressure, obesity, cholesterol etc.


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