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Ben Chai discusses 'What's Wrong with Men?'

Press Release: March 18, 2018

This Saturday 17th March , Ben Chai is joined by a cast of iconic celebrities to speak and debate at the Global Man conference on the controversial topic "What's Wrong with Men". Known as the "Dr Who of business" because of his wide ranging skill set, Chai is a recognised figure in the international public speaking world having spoken in over 70 countries.

Ben's male co-stars include iconic personalities such as Sky Andrew's, Olympian and common wealth gold medallist and Richard Tan, founder of the multi-million seminar and educational company Global Success Resources. The special one day event aims to answer the question: What is wrong with men? The event is supported by Global Women and will include both top business women and men.

It stresses that it is not an attack on men, but an opportunity to hear a wide range of views from both men and women to have a better understanding of the issues and challenges, find solutions and make the world a better place for men and women to live together in harmony. There will be discussions around the likes of whether women need to change to compete in a harsh men's world and whether men take business from women.

In his session, Chai will share strategies that women can use to help their success in both life and business. In a recent article he wrote for Global Man Magazine on what is wrong with men, he suggests one of the main issues comes from decades of patriarchal education and the need to start a generational revolution.

Chai's most recent appearance was giving a talk on the theme 'Be Magnetic' to a sold out audience at TEDxSurreyUniversity. He's not just known for his knowledge of business, but also his charismatic presence on social media and lively Facebook videos. Chai is also a keen dancer and is qualified to teach salsa and jive.


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Notes to editors:

Ben Chai was the Chief editor of multiple printed and online media

Since 1998, Ben has been a well-respected writer, business broadcaster and television presenter for many of the major technology websites and magazines, producing articles, podcasts and videocasts for a variety of industries from dance to security and technology.

He is an author for five books and featured chapters in several other books.

His latest release is his book called "Social Magnetism"

You can benefit from Ben's more recent exploits and insights on;

• Five years to Financial Freedom www.fiveyearstofinancialfreedom.com

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• Founder of Incoming thought Limited

Director at Global Propertunities

Propertunities was set up to help people understand and gain from my 30 years experience in property investing.

Consultant Director at LANIX

Founded in 1997, Lanix UK Limited has always had a focus on how to help customers grow their business through automation and systemisation of their business processes and protection of their digital assets.

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