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Belly fat, which does not go, here is help - Freedom Age

Press Release: January 19, 2018

Its become a common problem to forever fight resistant belly fat in today’s time.

We all know that simply changing our diet is not helping, It has to be something more!

What could that be?

Let me spot a few important underlying causes for this resistant belly fat:

Eating too many carbohydrates: Its common to get swayed and eat too many carbs in todays time, due to the variety of available eating options.
Picking up on fat free food and eating high quantities!
Not giving any rest to your digestive system and putting something constantly in mouth, Its recommended to practice Intermittent fasting.
Not detoxing enough and not checking on your GUT , liver and kidney health.
Not looking at your nutritional status, multiple nutritional deficiencies accumulated over a period of time leads to extremely unhealthy metabolism and therefore inability to digest your food well.
Not checking if gut is healthy, ruling out growth of pathogenic bacteria .viruses and fungus and working on healing your gut is important.
Not eating foods rich in pro & prebiotic.
Not sleeping well, keeping awake until late and eating carbohydrate rich snacks midnight can be detrimental.
Taking too much stress about trivial issues.
Not eating enough of healthy Fat.
Belly fat can definitely be decoded, all it needs is some mindful eating with good exercise and sleep routine.

If you need help contact us to support you in this journey.

Dr Kalpana Shekhawat-MD

Functional Medicine Specialist

Website - www.freedomage.in

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