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Beldon Haigh, Trump, Putin and Kim Jong-Un return with Lockdown Corona Song

Press Release: May 28, 2020

With lockdown now being gradually lifted it seems that COVID-19 has inspired a whole new set of songs and music videos.
Possibly one of the strangest and deepest of these could be Lockdown Corona by Beldon Haigh and the Mother Of All Bands. This follows Beldon’s previous viral success with Fools Rules and Whitehouse Meltdown. COVID-19 reminds us of the primary, more chilling meaning of that word viral.
Lockdown Corona is a poignant musical and lyrical composition, combining provocative imagery, wit and sensitivity and featuring toilet rolls, pangolins, bats and Boris to deliver a cheerful, yet melancholy, musical record of events.
The video takes the form of a now all too familiar feature of modern life: video calls. This video call however, features Trump on the bass, slide guitar playing Kim Jong-Un and Putin trying his hand at the drums. Reminding us all of the global dimension of COVID 19 and the role our leaders are playing in the handling this dreadful invisible threat.
Beldon never specifically sat down with the intention of writing about COVID or lockdown. “I’ve always just allowed songs to tumble out of me, it usually happens very early in the morning when I wake up with a tune and an idea in my head, then I grab and guitar and develop the song. Usually I’m done well before breakfast. Same thing happened with Lockdown Corona. I think it’s a way of releasing lots of thoughts that have been rumbling around in my brain for a few days and lockdown gave that process a lot of opportunity to ferment”
The recording and video process was a lot of fun as obviously all the parts were done in my own or in different musicians home studios and then I brought them all together. Andrew Scott (Drummer) also played his session with the Putin mask on so we could use the exact live drum take in the video. If it looks live – that’s because it is!
The song is available online in all the usual outlets and the video can be found on Facebook and YouTube.

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