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Being positive in challenging times is not naïve; it’s leadership

Press Release: October 26, 2020

Face-to-face communication platforms are unrivalled for the building of brand loyalty and customer acquisitions. They will continue to be so, but under the current pandemic, an adaptation of this marketing method has been pioneered by a team in Maidstone, UK, led by businessman Boyd Parker.


The team has founded a new call centre, expertly overseen by Parker, that will create opportunity on a global scale.


The first step to founding this call centre was to find the equipment: compatible laptops, headsets etc. This would usually be easy, but with stores and delivery services shut down the team had to travel far and wide to find the technology. But with the expertise of Jan Motshagen the team installed all necessary software, rectified all tech problems, and got the show on the road.


This has now been duplicated in multiple cities across the UK, including Liverpool, London, Canterbury, Glasgow, Birmingham, Manchester, Newcastle, Nottingham, Edinburgh, and Sheffield.


Traditional client training such as orientation, product training, quality assurance, and sales system training was conducted over Zoom.


Boyd Parker explained that now, through this new vertical, many will have greater opportunity to learn, earn, and grow. Some of the less fortunate people in this current pandemic will now have new career opportunities. Cients will be able to return money to those overpaying for services through comparison platforms or to raise funds for non-profit partners.


"Our clients recognise the value of our field sales operations, and due to the covid-19 pandemic and all of the disruption to the ability to make sales in the field, we were keen to find another solution of the ISAs," Parker said.


"With the co-operation of our business partners, we were really happy to enable a large number of ISAs to have the opportunity to make sales via our telesales offering.


"We have worked hard, setting up the ISAs from a tech perspective to allow them to work from home, engaged with our suppliers, and given training to all in order to make this possible. Every day we are seeing an increase in sales, which is encouraging.


"While we all hope that this is temporary until we can return to normal, our client is delighted to see the levels of enthusiasm, commitment, and cooperation from everyone involved. A very big thank you from me and my team.


"During the challenging times that were covid-19, we were keen to work with our partners to help maintain engagement with the sales teams. Our clients worked tirelessly with their partners to get agreement for us to use a number of ISAs to conduct outbound telesales activity.


"This has been received really positively by the offices and clients alike. We have been able to use this experience to complement the sales theory with some practical sales experience and really appreciate the efforts of everybody concerned with the activity."

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