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Begell House Announces Collaboration With Enago To Support Research In Biomedicine And Engineering

Press Release: October 10, 2019

October 9, 2019, New York: Enago, a global leader in editing and publication support services, has announced a collaboration with Begell House Inc., specialists in bioscience and engineering publishing.

Begell House is an independent publisher which was established in 1991. It publishes research which intersects biomedicine and engineering and its portfolio consists of an extensive collection of books, journals, proceedings and reference works. Begell House editors, authors and users are from leading research, academic and government institutions as well as corporations around the world.

Enago is recognized within the global research community for the quality of its content preparation and author-support services. Since its inception in 2005, Enago has worked with users worldwide, including businesses, researchers, publishers, universities and societies, in the process helping more than two million authors to produce high-caliber, high-impact research communication.

Commenting on the new collaboration with Enago, Yelena Shafeyeva, President of Begell House said, "We work with scientists and engineers from all over the world. Every week, Begell House receives hundreds of submissions for publication. It is so important that we can provide the best possible level of service to our authors and enabling access to Enago’s language and editing services will allow our authors to spend more time to focus on their research”.

“We are delighted to collaborate with Begell House, supporting their authors and their publication goals,” commented Tony O’Rourke, Vice President Partnerships at Enago. “Begell House publishes important titles in biomedicine and engineering. Authors can now use Enago’s editing expertise at any stage during the writing and submission process, to ensure that their research outcomes can be expressed with as much clarity and impact as possible.”

About Enago (https://www.enago.com/)

Enago is a trusted name in author services for the global research community. Founded in 2005, Enago has worked with over 2 million researchers in more than 125 countries improving the communication of their research and helping them to achieve success in research and research communication. Enago Academy, the education arm of Enago, addresses the needs of early-stage researchers by providing training resources via different digital platforms and onsite workshops. In 2019, Enago launched AuthorOne, a groundbreaking suite of AI-based tools to support the entire publishing workflow. Enago operates globally with regional teams supporting researchers and institutions locally. Enago has offices in Tokyo, Seoul, Beijing, Shanghai and New York.

About Begell House (https://www.begellhouse.com/)

Begell House, Inc. was established in 1991 by Dr. William Begell, who had a long and distinguished career as a chemical-nuclear engineer, researcher and publisher. Prior to a career in publishing, he taught at Columbia University where he was Engineering Director of its Heat Transfer Research Facility. Before establishing Begell House, William Begell was involved in the foundation of publishing houses Scripta Technica (1962) and Hemisphere Publishing Corporation (1966), where he developed high-impact engineering and biomedical journals, research books and reference tools. Dr. Begell’s sense of future trends in engineering and biomedicine led to the creation of interdisciplinary and cross-disciplinary publications. Today, the publication staff, authors and leading journal editors at Begell House, Inc. create, support and maintain new and existing projects under Dr. Begell’s founding philosophy and remain one of the few independent scholarly publishers in the world.

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