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Beecraft Launches Plastic Road Barriers

Press Release: October 10, 2019

Beecraft UK Ltd-a leading manufacturer and supplier of plastic products of a vast range is pleased to announce the launch of plastic road barriers. Manufactured out of polypropylene, these road barriers are excellent as crowd-control barriers or pedestrian barriers. These are also suitable for queue management at shopping malls, airports, and public events. Currently available in two different sizes, these barriers have a maximum of 6.5 and 9.2 kg weight.

Features of Beecraft’s plastic road barriers

Some of the exciting features of these newly launched road barriers are the following ones:

UV resistant
100% recyclable

It is because of the lightweight nature, these barriers are portable and easy to remove. Also, the presence of 360-degree swivel feet made these easily adaptable to irregular floors, uneven grounds and more. Moreover, the barriers are available in attractive yellow, orange, red, blue, green, and white colours. It is interesting to note that these barriers can interlock with each other without the need for any kind of band or tape.

Beecraft UK Ltd acknowledges the demand for plastic product alternatives as it is tough to recycle plastic. Hence, the company continuously strives for manufacturing a range of plastic products that are 100% recyclable. The company with an experience of more than a decade in manufacturing plastic products has the much-need infrastructure for shredding and grinding used plastic supplied by other companies.

About Beecraft UK Ltd

The UK based company is a renowned manufacturer cum supplier of an assortment of plastic products used in a range of industries worldwide. To know more about the company and its range of products visit https://plasticpalletsltd.co.uk/

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