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Bed jackets for the Twenty First Century...

Press Release: December 14, 2009

Did you think that bed jackets were something from the deep & distant past that had passed into history along with the crinoline?

Well, this very useful & hard to find item is alive & kicking at online luxury nightwear specialist www.pinkcamellia.com. As Pink Camellia's Gina Krupski says "bed jackets were such a popular item 50 years ago but have fallen off the edge these days. We find new mothers love them as does anyone who has to spend time in bed or just like to do so!"

They have a great choice ranging from exquisite quilted silk to cosy fleece and their own label wool ballet wraps bed jackets. The ballet wraps are knitted for them in Nottingham, England by a family firm that carries on a four hundred year old tradition there and from a major cottage industry in the mid nineteenth century is now the only one left.

Pink Camellia is also the place to find that great dressing gown you've been searching for or a gorgeous pair of silk pyjamas and everything can be bought online at www.pinkcamellia.com

The site is full of perfect Christmas gifts for your wife, mother, sister or girl friend in beautiful fabrics that are a joy to wear and won't fall apart after a couple of washes.

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