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Press Release: February 16, 2010

Greg Heywoods debut iReckon is now available at Amazon.co.uk or Amazon.com!

Greg was the former owner of The Steps, a £320m privately owned corporation in the UK - until the financial tsunami...

Greg is now back with his first novel - it's compelling - a must read.
Greg has drawn on some quite personal experiences writing this book "It was a huge personal challenge," said Greg. "It required me to recall some very dark times in my life, but it has been an incredible journey and the book holds a very important message."

The story is set in the midst of the credit crunch and the world's financial institutions are under threat. Behind the tsunami, is a single man who has orchestrated many of the events, to achieve his goals. His adversary, who has been ruined by the credit crunch, seeks to re-establish himself with a vision. The world will become a better place. Those who are damaged can be repaired.
Download the first chapter for free from ireckonbook.co.uk
iReckon by Greg Heywood is published by kmvfmedia.com

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