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Beatrice Rose and Associates launches The Beatrice Rose Show podcast

Press Release: September 10, 2019

Today Beatrice Rose and Associates (https://beatrice-rose.com) launched The Beatrice Rose Show, a one-of-a-kind real estate podcast. Beatrice Rose and Associates is a boutique international real estate brokerage that specialises in selling real estate to international investors.

The Beatrice Rose Show is a one-of-a-kind international real estate podcast where global real estate meets cultural anthropology. In an accessible and easy-listening way, The Beatrice Rose Show provides real estate agents and property owners with tips that can help them market and sell real estate to buyers from around the world. Hosted by a social anthropologist turned real estate entrepreneur, The Beatrice Rose Show will empower all who sell real estate to connect with a demographic that is affluent, international and actively searching for real estate and property investment opportunities.

In their inaugural real estate podcast, Beatrice Rose and Associates explored how sellers can attract and maintain the attention of international property investors in the crowded marketplace that is the luxury international real estate market. Beatrice Rose and Associates also shared their market-leading, three-step strategy that can – all things being equal - attract and retain cash-rich, international property purchasers. In particular, they explored what business anthropology is, and how theories from cultural and business anthropology can be used to encourage and facilitate cross-border, international real estate transactions. Their approach, where social anthropological theories combine with real estate practice, is truly unique, and of the many reasons that this podcast series is a “must listen” for real estate agents and private sellers who want to expand their international reach.

For more about The Beatrice Rose Show podcast and Beatrice Rose and Associates, please visit https://beatrice-rose.com.

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