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BasharAG Leadership Institue Establishes it's First Leadership Program : Triple L

Press Release: March 26, 2010

With a young CEO, who is now 15-years old, BasharAG Organization established it's first unique, one-of-a kind leadership program. It is targeted for young learners who are 12-17 years old. The program adapts internationally accredited courses, and comprehends values that adapt with the region's nature- Jordan.

" I envision that the program will oversee a huge success in our region; a region where young people are a major statistical cohort" Bashar AbuAlghanam, CEO & President of the organization states. The organization is initiating it's first program this summer, and will start to provide the fully established program next summer. Triple L program consists of a week and a half training seminars on leadership skills and self improvement. The study commission of the curriculum took into consideration the educational level in Jordan - the first region for the program. And also took into consideration the financial difficulties for the families to afford such educational opportunities, where it is promising to provide grants to cover the costs based on the families' situations.

In a recent discussion with Noor el Deen Amir, the organization's vice president, he stated that the organization is gaining it's accreditation from both American and British accreditation commissions hopefully by the end of next year. He also stated that the organization's attorney's office is also finishing all the licensing requirements from the Ministry of Education.

We have surveyed many people from the region, and they stated that such educational institutes are a huge mile stone towards Jordan's educational development. In addition, they provided us with information about their financial circumstances. That given, we envision that this organization will be an evolutionary growth for Jordan's educational success.

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