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Barack Obama Scandal That Refuses To Go Away

Press Release: January 11, 2010

There have been rumbles of unrest around the world regarding Obama's nationality since the day he stated he would run for the presidency. Now, after more than a year as president of the USA, the rumbles have turned into a full on eruption.

The Barack Obama nationality scandal is refusing to burn itself out and seems to be gathering even more speed with Congressman Nathan Deal questioning the eligibility of Obama to hold the presidency. This is the first time in history that a serving president has been questioned about eligibility by a member of congress.

Over the last week the internet has been reporting this story with the blogosphere almost going into meltdown over the latest developments yet no mainstream media seem interested in the story that just won't go away for Obama.

Congressman Deal asked the president to prove that he is legally entitled to hold the presidency electronically on December 1st 2009. This communication was confirmed received by Obama's staff but has yet to be responded to.

Even though the president has already produced his short-form birth certificate in order to stop these questions, he has spent a large amount of taxpayers money (estimated to be more than two million dollars) ensuring that the long-form certificate is kept from the public - an action that has raised more than a few eyebrows along the way.

Throughout the campaign trail and longer, Obama made promises of the most transparent administration than any other so why the need to hide a simple birth certificate? Many claim that the whole situation is a complete waste of time and distracting but supporters of the question refuse to stop asking more and more questions.

It seems that the original question seems to have caused a stir not just in America but worldwide with thousands of people doing independent research in an attempt to get the facts out. The problem with independent research is that it is hard to verify where the alleged facts came from and when they are traced back its not unusual to find that it stemmed from opinion.

With several birth certificates doing the rounds, many proven as hoaxes, the 'official' birth certificate in the Obama nationality scandal seems to prove that the president was in fact a British Subject at birth. On the website dedicated to protecting Obama from smears, Fight The Smears, there is an electronic copy of the birth certificate showing that Obama was born a British Subject. This in itself has been the cause for much speculation on how, why and when nationality was transferred.

Obama's nationality scandal doesn't seem to be going anywhere at the moment and even the secret service seem to be taking an interest in anyone questioning Obama's nationality with visits being made for security reasons. Reported last week at Mother Jones, more and more people who have raised issue are being visited by the secret service and being left feeling very intimidated.

No matter what side of the fence you sit on this scandal seems set to stay around for a long time to come.

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