Home Bangalore, India - ThinkCrazy has launched MetroRide on October 25th,2020.

Bangalore, India - ThinkCrazy has launched MetroRide on October 25th,2020.

Press Release: October 26, 2020

Bangalore, India - ThinkCrazy has launched MetroRide on October 25th,2020.


MetroRide India is proud to announce the launch of MetroRide App, a metro shuttle service that will solve the problem of last-mile connectivity. It's a new platform to transform the metro commute into a convenient way of travel.

What does MetroRide solve:

  • There is no reliable and efficient solution for Metro Rail commuters to get to the Metro stations from home, from Metro station to office, and then back home.
  • There are some traditional modes of transport but none of those solutions are reliable and efficient.

App Based Cabs

Traditional Autos/3 wheelers

Self-Driven Vehicles



Parking Issues

Non availability during peak hours


Causes Congestion

Surge pricing



No dedicated service to Metro Stations

No Quality Control

Not everyone can/wants to drive


  • This has greatly affected the ridership of Metro Rails. The current ridership of Metro systems in India is less than half of the projected ridership, in most cities
  • The reduction in the use of Metro Rail is adversely affecting the air pollution situation in these Metro cities.


This is how MetroRide makes a difference daily commute of our customers:


  • MetroRide is dedicated to Metro only. This means our customers will have a ride available within 5 minutes.
  • MetroRide is the most affordable solution compared to any other option to get to the Metro Station. MetroRide offers a fixed price, no surge price, haggle free payment solution.
  • MetroRide is clean energy solution, our vehicles are 100% electric and they don't emit pollutants.
  • Our drivers are verified, closely monitored and well groomed. This gives our commuters a safe, reliable and pleasant commute experience to the Metro stations.



Awards and Accolades:

- 2nd Runner Up at NASCOM's NIPP Mobility Challenge 2020

- India Final Winners of Climate Launchpad 2020


 CEO-ThinkCrazy Technologies Pvt Ltd    CTO-ThinkCrazy Technologies Pvt Ltd                                                                                      

Facebook   -   https://www.facebook.com/metrorideIND

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Email          -  care@metroride.in

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Intro Video  - https://youtu.be/TXZNJ24DDE0



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