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Press Release: March 15, 2010

However, Ambercave.co.uk, a unique online store, makes it possible for everyone from around the world to enjoy the beauty and warmth of amber.

Embedded with silver, it forms various designs of Rings, Earrings, Necklaces and Bracelets, Pendants, Brooches and Cufflinks, as well as Key rings. Ornaments and gifts for the home can also be found online. Not only is the delicacy of amber revealed when combined with silver Amber Rocks, Inclusions or any Amber and Leather combinations prove how trendy and simple at the same time amber can be. In between luxurious collectors items or on a surfers neck amber always attracts your eye.

Ambercave is offering Amber in so many styles from simple at a glance, but refined jewels to luxurious pieces. What is more, it is useful for executives to have this address in their notebook, because Ambercave offers a selection of smart business gifts plated with amber (Business Card Holder, Desk Pen, Desk Clock or Letter Opener). A great choice of payment (Credit Card, Paypal, Google Checkout and Money Cheque) is time saving as well. Also, it is worth noting, that Ambercave provides customers with monthly voucher codes, which, when redeemed, award them 10% off their order.

However, for those, who have more time and are interested in the natural beauty of Amber, Ambercave can suggest some fascinating reading material about what exactly amber is, including the many types of amber and its colours, the regions, where it can be found, stories about the Amber Room and its ancient medical uses.

For additional information about Amber Jewellery please visit http://www.ambercave.co.uk. Shop safely online for the luxurious and unique Amber Jewellery.

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