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Balsamic vinegar and other seasonings from ancient military barrels

Press Release: June 26, 2017

The careful selection made by Italian Food Joy puts to give the best product, drove our tasters to discover incredible stories like the one we are going to tell you. It was just the end of World War II and, even with the help of allied forces, for Italy was a hard moment due to the reconstruction: roads and bridges were designed and built again, to transform Italy in a modern state.
Mechanization invaded every sector, even the army (re-established) began to replace the mules with mechanical off-road vehicles. The mules, hard workers, had been for many years the loyal Alpine Corps companions, the troops trained for high altitude combat. They had provided a useful service by carrying weapons, materials, tools and much more ... even the wine for soldiers and officiers.
One day Libero Ferretti, the founder of Acetatia Ferretti-Corradini, heard that some sets of mule barrels used for the transport of wine had to be abandoned. Their shape was different from the usual: they were not round but elongated (see picture) and strong, because they had to withstand transportation in bad weather, and on hard roads. Probably he thought that such special barrels had to be made of precious and very resistant materials ….so decided to buy them. Even today, barrels of World War II produce excellent balsamic vinegar seasonings.
It is therefore appropriate to say that the intuition was the right one. Acetaia Ferretti-Corradini today also has a product line commemorating Libero's historical figure, which we can consider another magical rediscovery of Italian excellence offered by Italian Food Joy to its most demanding customers: this time the material of a The army isn’t used to fight but to satisfy the best gourmets.

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