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Bakers Can Grow Using Tisomi’s Flow Wrapping Solutions

Press Release: July 29, 2017

Small and medium-sized bakeries are being offered the chance to revolutionise their production processes by Tisomi Packaging Machinery, one of the UK’s leading specialists of horizontal flow wrapping solutions.

Tisomi is targeting the bakery and morning goods sectors with its highly versatile range of flow wrappers which can improve productivity, enhance a products’ pack presentation and performance to market, protect the integrity of goods and offer prolonged shelf life. Installing a flow wrap machine can, literally, transform a business.

The Yorkshire-based company specialises in top-quality, Italian manufactured flow wrapping systems, which can be trialled at Tisomi’s Wetherby facility to make sure the client is buying or leasing the right equipment for the product.

Top of the range is the ZA650E3, a robust machine, available in rotary, long dwell and box motion versions with a variety of automatic feeding systems. Capable of wrapping a full range of bakery products, from an individual tray bake to multi-packs of loose rolls and individual bread loafs, up to 160mm high at speeds of 150 packs per minute.

At the other end of the scale, is a compact table top machine which can also handle a wide variety of products and has proved extremely popular with smaller bakeries and sandwich manufacturers where space tends to be at a premium.

No two applications are the same, Tisomi provides flexible packaging systems that can safely wrap a whole range of different shaped products in any configuration, while at the same time maximising visibility on retailers’ shelves.

Flow wrappers can comfortably handle an immense array of food items and help accommodate each stage of a bakery’s expansion, whilst guaranteeing consistency. Tisomi offers bespoke solutions to meet the most demanding requirements.

Having packaging systems in place that not only protect the integrity of goods and offer excellent presentation, but can also accelerate the process of getting products to stores quickly, as well as prolong shelf life, are all boxes that are ticked by the flow wrappers supplied by Tisomi.

Whether its wrapping or packing biscuits for foodservice operators and single or multiple breads for the large high street supermarkets, Tisomi’s flexible and expertly engineered machinery’s simple operation, hygiene and easy maintenance, is suitable for a wide range of individual, multi-packed, or trayed products.

Tisomi has many decades of experience and offers a prompt, personal service in ascertaining the best solution for a bakery’s packaging requirements and there are demonstration machines available at its facility in Wetherby, West Yorkshire. Tisomi would be delighted to welcome interested parties to the premises for an in-depth look at the equipment together with an assessment of the client's specific requirements.

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