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BAFTA Winning Digital Team Develop Children’s Travel App

Press Release: August 18, 2015

Creators of the BBC’s The Lingo Show and Complete Control, a multi BAFTA winning digital agency have developed a travel companion app for children.

London - 17th August, 2015 - Pacca Alpaca developed by Anamil Tech have launched their second app, ”Travel Playtime” for children aged 2-6, which features 50 landmark-inspired games, from dot to dot and jigsaws, to recreating historic sites with virtual building blocks. Designed to entertain and inform children during periods of down time, travel or to aid with bed time settling, the app’s intuitive interface allows small children to play however they want, and to play each game as many times as they like, whilst introducing children to historical and cultural settings from around the world. The app also features national flags and authentic music from the countries represented in each activity.

Complete Control’s Creative Director, Glynn Hayward:

“We purposely developed the app to give young children a really fun, playful way to open their eyes and discover the world around them through a series of mini activities like dot to dots, jigsaws, stickers and puzzles. The simplicity of the app, which allows children to discover and play the way they would in the real world, is a charming feature. Just spin Pacca's magical carousel and arrive in a different country where you can play in beautiful cultural scenes from around the world. The concept was to create lots of quick and fun creative activities that a child could do and give a wide ranging experience of the culture around them”.

Pacca Alpaca Travel Playtime will be available after the Summer and can be sampled on the Pacca Alpaca YouTube channel.

Further information about Pacca Alpaca can be found on our dedicated website at: www.en.paccaalpaca.com.


If you would like to know more about Pacca Alpaca and our Travel Playtime app, please contact:

Natasha Phillips - Pacca Alpaca
Mobile: 07769 647 983

Notes To Editors:

1 Complete Control is a multi BAFTA award winning digital agency whose clients include the BBC, Disney and Nickelodeon.

2 Founded in 2012 by Dr Sarah Faisal Al Saud,who holds a PhD from University College London in Human-Computer Interaction, Anamil Tech, the company behind Pacca Alpaca, is a small but growing award winning digital media team which creates and develops learning apps for children. Anamil Tech’s experts specialise in digital media for children and early childhood development.

3 Pacca Alpaca’s Travel Playtime app is the second in a series of learning apps designed to bolster child development and foster an appreciation of world culture. The first app in the series, “Pacca Alpaca”, is a multilingual language learning adventure set in Australia.

Notes to editors

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