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Bad news for poor people: Dating App Luxy will block you for not being rich

Press Release: May 15, 2019

Interests, characteristics, attitude, looks. These are natural criteria we screen people with on dating platforms to identify if someone is matching or not. But one is missing: financial stability. We are looking to share common interests with our partners and even 72% of all women on Luxy state that they want to share economic success, and hence meeting someone equally wealthy.

Signing up and starting to swipe? Only if you are standing out of the crowd. You don’t have to be the one in a million (although it’s very likely will meet the one in a million on this dating app) but the one in one hundred. Luxy is primarily designed to serve the top 1%. To join, members-to-be must submit their profile and wait to be approved by selected Luxy members and the staff. This step is necessary to weed out those who have no place on Luxy: weirdos, low-lives and unambitious. The result is the finest selection in online dating with the most attractive profiles and financially stable people. In 2018, we kicked out 500,000 million people after the initial application process for not being suitable to our community and values.

Rather than going to mass consumer dating apps that everybody can get into, it’s a matter of matching up people who are looking for the same lifestyle. Luxy users are tired of plebs clogging up the general dating apps. With Luxy they have a platform to go to meet people with similar attitudes towards life and career.

“On Luxy, you will find of course wealthy individuals like the millionaire CEO or the Hollywood celebrity. When it comes to love, money is not the most important factor but many people wish to find an equally successful partner. Luxy is serving these needs by providing the matching platform. If we find out that someone does not meet our standards to which also belongs an income level higher than $200,000 annually, we will block this user permanently,” Raffael Krause, Luxy spokesman.

About Luxy:
Luxy is the leading dating app for millionaires and upscale people. Since 2014, we have matched over 2 million entrepreneurial singles. Luxy continues to support popular features such as picture and income verification to prevent catfishing. With a focus on providing a high-class dating experience for successful individuals, we constantly evaluate and optimize our services.
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Luxy is available on web www.onluxy.com as well as on the App Store and Google Play.

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