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Back to the Future with The Moorlands long lost album

Press Release: May 19, 2015

May 15th sees the release of an album that has been lost to the world for the past 20 years. After gigging the California circuit for what seemed like an age, song's from The Moorland's new album: Open Road were last heard at a unique gig on the edge of Australia's tropical rain forest.

You might have thought British lead singer Tim Buxton's senses might have been fried by the outback sun for he hadn't realised that at this gig, kicking back and chilling out to the unique sound of Tim's acid folk were luminaries; Sean Penn, Jon Cussack, Woody Harrelson and John Travolta! Even when Sean Penn bought Tim a beer backstage and suggested they jam together – Tim remained oblivious.

It was only the following morning when Tim awoke with a sore head and, upon being told of his famous audience, a gut wrenching feeling that perhaps he'd missed a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. And so, after years of sleeping under pool tables to realise a dream, Tim decided it was time to hang up the guitar once and for all and get a real job.

Nearly 20 years later Tim meets Jezz Wright, a former record producer who last tasted UK chart success with Liquid's seminal dance anthem Sweet Harmony. Sinking a pint in an old Norfolk pub Jezz also revealed that he too was reaching the 20 year milestone of having last set foot in a recording studio. In both cases frustration at not having ever produced that 'special' album left them with a rather hefty bar bill and a common determination to celebrate that 'anniversary' by finally recording and producing the album that nearly never was.

Held up in a small Norfolk recording studio for the best part of a year Jezz and Tim (who had now gambled his entire life savings “to hear that record”) fused their collective influences and realised the album that had taken Tim 20 years to record.

Despite his heavy investment Tim is releasing this album under the Creative Commons Licence- yes folks – it's free! As Tim explains “After 20 years rolling around my head, gnawing at the very heart of me – I just want people to hear it – besides, the album doesn't chase fashion and fads - too many artists are writing songs just to buy the new Ferrari or a penthouse in LA – I believe in creating music without greed'

The cast from Terrence Malick's Thin Red Line will not be the last line in Tim's extraordinary story as Jezz suggests “This album is much more than one guy blowing his life's savings on a dream – - it's the line in the sand we all face at some point; do we finally put our money where our mouth is or remain content to live a life unfulfilled?”

Listen for free here: https://soundcloud.com/themoorlands

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