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Back Support - Pressure Relief & Protection for Sitting for Long Periods

Press Release: April 14, 2010

Back support for both your posture and muscles is incredibly important to relieve pressure and avoid potential sores and strains. Fortunately there are a number of ergonomically sensitive back support products available.

People who are expected to sit in one position for an extended period of time can begin to feel the effects in their lower back either at work or in the home. However, Magic Lumber Rolls are a great relief for pressure points with the ability to choose the degree of support to suit your personal needs. This self-inflating product offers strong lower back support to protect posture when sat at a desk at work or in an armchair at home, for example.

There are back supports that also conform to your shape to provide around-the-clock protection. The Harley Designer Back Support is filled with visco elastic memory foam to ensure that it provides gentle lateral support and optimum comfort.

It is possible to receive adequate pressure relief and back support at bedtime as well as daytime. The Bed Backrest allows patients to lie comfortably to watch television, read a book or to simply sleep at a different angle.

For back support designed with orthopaedic and ergonomic design considerations, browse the Backfriend which offers a combined back rest and seat base to take with you to work, on a bus or train or back at home. The Backfriend is suitably shaped to give firm, comfortable lumber support, whilst being a foldable and lightweight transport-friendly product.

Improve back support with great mobility products from Collins Care to enable sufferers to stay in a comfortable position for longer.

Visit CollinsCare.co.uk for a great range of back supports. At Collins Care we believe in putting customers' needs first and ensuring they get the mobility products they require. Collins Care will help you identify your actual requirements and save unnecessary expenditure.

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