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Baby brain led to the birth of a new business

Press Release: March 29, 2010

First time mum, Natasha Baker, created the ToDoDid while on maternity leave after struggling to remember all the information relating to her son's day (ie times of feeds, sleeps, nappies, medicines etc) and becoming fed up with writing everything down on random pieces of paper. The laminated ToDoDid notebook, which started off as a list of things to do and things her son did, has since become her other baby.
A self-confessed control freak wanting to make the most of her time away from work and establish some kind of routine that enabled her to get out of the house with her baby before noon, Natasha created a prototype and set about turning her idea into a business plan and a real product.
The resulting laminated ToDoDid notebook allows you to record details including:
Today's story for recording any special moments or milestones achieved as well as a childs mood and activities that day
Feeds for recording times of feed, types of feed (milk or solids), quantities eaten, new tastes, likes and dislikes etc
Nappies for recording times of changes, whether the nappy was wet or soiled, and other comments ie cream applied, potty training progress
Sleeps for recording length and time of daytime naps as they can play an important part in establishing a good night-time routine
Medicines for recording times and doses of any medicines administered and when the next dose is due
Reminders for helping sleep-deprived parents to remember where theyre supposed to be and what theyre supposed to be doing
Free courses offered by Business Link gave Natasha some foundations to build on and a framework to follow. An early pilot with a group of parents at A Step Ahead nursery in Lower Beeding, Horsham, gave her the chance to test her product on real parents, carers and children. And, from there, the initial print order along with the creation of her own website (www.tododid.co.uk) has resulted in orders from across the UK.
Natasha has found that social networking through parenting sites and forums has given her the opportunity to get valuable feedback from other parents. She is also using Twitter to network with other mumpreneurs to share tips and encouragement, and chat with other like-minded souls.
Natasha is keen to let other wannabe-mumpreneurs know there is a huge amount of support out there, so if you have an idea just go for it it may just be the perfect chance to set yourself up in business and work towards a job that fits perfectly around your family.
Natasha has since returned to her full-time job, but continues to work on her business in the evenings. She has already had great feedback from many other parents who agree there isnt another product like the ToDoDid out there to help new mums and dads embarking on the steep learning curve that is parenthood:
I love your product. I think it will work really well as a present for new mothers. I have several friends giving birth this spring and summer, and because your price is so good I will definitely make it part of my present to them. I remember using a boring old notebook for trying to remember feeding times etc when my daughter was new. I would have loved to have something like this to brighten up the routines of the first 3-6 months...
Great idea! I've just started back at work part time and I can't believe the amount of organisation involved in sorting little one for the times I won't be there, making sure she has enough nappies, formula, meals in the freezer the list is endless. Not to mention getting myself organised for work. I'm sure many mums would be grateful for your product.
While Natasha is primarily aiming her products at new parents or carers of small children, she also sees potential for the ToDoDid as a useful tool for nurseries and childminders in place of the daily paper reports many hand parents when they collect their children at the end of the day. The ToDoDid would also make a great gift, and would also be useful for friends/relatives/grandparents/babysitters who may help out with child care.

For more information you can visit www.tododid.co.uk or email Natasha on info@tododid.co.uk. The ToDoDid laminated notebook is on special offer at £7.99 including postage and packing for a limited time. Individual notepads for recording sleeps, feeds or nappies are available at £4.95 including postage and packing.

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