Press Release: February 19, 2021

[NEW YORK, FEBRUARY 16, 2021]Dreamline Digital has been focusing on providing disruptive marketing solutions over the past 5 years. In the B2B marketing world, traditional methods which many marketers are trying to sell to the market are ineffective. 

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You've heard of Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Linkedin Ads, and email marketing. You probably have run into marketing agencies offering their services to run ads on these canals on your behalf? These tactics are excellent for B2C advertisers, they aren't the most cost-effective for communicating with decision-makers in the B2B space.

If you have run ads on Google, Facebook, Instagram you know that the cost per impression (ie the amount you pay to reach your audience) has been on the rise recently. The increase has been observed throughout all advertising platforms and is set to continue. The new Apple update  IOS 14 will be a game-changer because Apple users will now stop sharing their personal information & browsing data (cookies), the ads on Google and Facebook will, as a result, be less effective and therefore more expensive. 

You might have heard of people feeling harassed by ads, they see ads on social media, when they browse online, watch video on Youtube... That feeling of being overwhelmed with ads is also a reason why you are spending more and more on ads, and this trend is not going away.

Not only that but, in the B2B space no matter what platform you are running ads on, you have no idea who is clicking on your ad, for all you know, it could be someone who can't make any buying decisions for the business. 

We can all agree that the key in marketing is targeting & having your content speak to the audience's pain points. While traditional digital marketing agencies will tell B2B's, pump money into Google Ads and Facebook Ads, there are many more effective ways to reach your customers than by doing something everyone else is. Dreamline Digital has developed a more cost-effective approach that drives 327% more results than a typical ad platform marketing funnel. 

Dreamline is using an approach that combines Artificial Intelligence & Account-Based Marketing.

Our account-based marketing solution is leveraged through a LinkedIn mined contact list of 250M professionals from around the world. These 250M professionals can be narrowed down into any B2B target audience. 

With the targeting honed in Dreamline Digital runs communication campaigns directly to their client's ideal customers. 

The AI takes it a step further. 

As the email campaign generates engagement (opens, clicks, replies) Dreamline runs a marketing campaign only to the people who have opened the email via their AI solution. This ensures that you are engaging with the right people to bring them into your sales pipeline. 

The AI marketing campaigns only cost around $10-$20 a day to be effective. 

Co-Founder of Dreamline Digital Madison Wade says "B2B organizations that are relying on traditional ad platforms to generate their top of funnel leads will be in trouble. Communicating directly with their ideal customers is the most effective model for any B2B company. On the account-based marketing model, businesses are then able to fill their pipeline with ease & on a budget where they aren't spending $5 per click or paying an agency 10K a month for a branding exercise."

Dreamline Digital is at the forefront of digital marketing innovations with connections & partnerships around the world. Dreamline Digital is an agency that has its client's best interest at heart, they are not an agency that will sell then sit back & collect a pay check. They are an agency that is consistently adapting & improving campaigns to ensure their clients generate the best possible results. 

If you are looking for an agency that feels like a part of your team & that doesn't accept the status quo, reach out to the consultation contacts. 

More about Dreamline Digital: 

Dreamline Digital - https://www.dreamlinedigital.com/ 
Established in 2015 in Hong Kong & headquarters in Delaware United States, Dreamline Digital is a global full-service digital marketing agency with specializations in AI for B2C organizations & account-based marketing for B2B organizations.

AI - TopicDNA allows Dreamline Digital to scale their sales funnel and reach more of the right people than ever before. Their audiences are built using 1B+ entities allowing them to make connections between targeted audience audiences to help expand targeting and find new, hyper-relevant audiences.

Database - Mined all of LinkedIn users, leading to 250 Million contacts (emails & phone numbers). Within the database system, Dreamline Digital creates communication sequences for decision-makers to get the decision-makers to agree to a discovery call. 

Consultation Contact 

North America, Oceania
Madison Wade - Co-Founder - madison@dreamlinedigital.com 

Europe, Asia
Corentin Stephan - Co-Founder - corentin.stephan@dreamlinedigital.com 

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