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Axiomatics Scores High in Latest KuppingerCole Dynamic Authorization Management Analyst Report

Press Release: July 16, 2020

Axiomatics, the leader in externalized, fine-grained dynamic authorization, today announced that KuppingerCole has profiled its Dynamic Authorization Suite, giving the platform high ratings across all functionalities. The Market Compass report focuses on the dynamic authorization management market and rates vendors based on the security, deployment, functionality and usability of centrally managed authorization services. 

As organizations expand their IT infrastructure with multiple cloud platforms and applications, they require consistent access control across the company to permit or deny a user's access request to resources, in real-time. The Axiomatics Dynamic Authorization Suite is the fastest, most accurate and comprehensive dynamic and externalized authorization solution available. The suite provides externalized authorization through Attribute Based Access Control (ABAC) for applications, databases, big data, APIs and microservices.

"The Axiomatics Dynamic Authorization Suite offers an extensive solution, supporting a variety of deployment environments and application integration requirements. In addition, enterprise policy analysis and maintenance will benefit from Axiomatics reverse query facility to browse user entitlement lists," said Graham Williamson, senior analyst for KuppingerCole and author of the report. "Another strength of Axiomatics is that they offer support for intercepting and controlling database access and access to big data environments.”

The report also highlights other strengths of the Axiomatics Dynamic Authorizations Suite, including: 

  • Provides a broad set of integrations with other solutions
  • Standards support with participation in XACML and JSON development 
  • Flexible support for cloud migration
  • Policy-based, dynamic filtering for relational databases 

“Axiomatics is the pioneer and the thought leader in dynamic and attribute based access control. As the market matures, more businesses require an externalized dynamic authorization solution,” said Babak Sadighi, CEO and founder of Axiomatics. “KuppingerCole’s report reinforces our dedication to providing state-of-the-art IT-security products as the market grows and healthy competition enters this potentially massive market.” 

To read the report in full, please visit https://www.axiomatics.com/resources/kuppingercole-report-market-compass-dynamic-authorization-management/.

For more information about Axiomatics, please visit https://www.axiomatics.com. For more information on KuppingerCole, visit https://www.kuppingercole.com.

About Axiomatics

Axiomatics is the leading provider of fine-grained, dynamic authorization delivered with Attribute Based Access Control (ABAC) for applications, data, APIs and microservices. Axiomatics Dynamic Authorization Suite is utilized by government agencies and Global Fortune 5000 companies to enable digital transformation, share and safeguard sensitive information, meet compliance requirements and minimize data fraud. Axiomatics innovative solutions allow enterprises to share sensitive, valuable and regulated digital assets – but only to authorized users and in the right context. To learn more, please visit http://www.axiomatics.com or @axiomatics.

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