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AXA Car Insurance - Respect the Road Campaign & Innovative No-Claims Discounts Unveiled

Press Release: March 16, 2010

However, AXA car insurance has released its Respect the Road campaign in search of drivers wishing to highlight the effects of careful and responsible driving; most notably the favourable financial implications that can follow.

Recent studies suggest that UK drivers agree that there is a lack of common courtesy on the motorways, with 79% believing that more should be done to improve respect on the roads. Nevertheless, around half of the British motorists surveyed by AXA admitted to using their car horns in an aggressive manner proving that there is a long way to go before road rage is anywhere near to being stamped out.

As a result, AXA car insurance is rewarding drivers with no-claims discounts dating back to 2001 with car insurance discounts of 90%. Statistically, motorists with less than eight years driving experience are three times more likely to be caught driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or to be convicted of speeding or dangerous driving offences.

Nevertheless, to create a long-term reward system for consistent responsibility behind the wheel, AXA car insurance has unveiled its innovative no-claims scheme.

Tina Shortle, AXA Insurance managing director, said: "At a time when prices are rising sharply in this market, we felt drivers with a proven track record deserved more. Experienced motorists are less likely to have accidents, less likely to be convicted of driving offences and less likely to commit fraud. This new insurance product shows that for the first time in the market it pays to be experienced. Motorists are finally getting the rewards they deserve."

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