Home Awardwinning iSmartRecruit Applicant Tracking System is now upgraded with Version (21.6)

Awardwinning iSmartRecruit Applicant Tracking System is now upgraded with Version (21.6)

Press Release: April 23, 2019

The reason behind developing an Applicant Tracking System is to minimize the work done by the corporate Hr’s, recruiters and staffing agency that let you enhance the experience and transform the way you work.

The iSmartRecruit is a global player and build in such a way that you can access the entire system very easy. As per the research, it was proven that using an automation tool that has the tendency to do the concurrent activity at the same time that helps you to save time and efforts as well.

Following are the set of advanced features that will help you to accomplish your task.

→ Calendar - Google calendar integration
Now you can sync up interviews with your google calendar from Pipeline or any other screens as well. Earlier it was a limitation that only from Calendar, an interview was possible to sync with Google Calendar. Once a user integrates google calendar in the system they can maintain their session work. While user logged in again, the system will not ask to connect google calendar as the session is already maintained in the system.

→ Delete/Unassign candidate
We have enhanced this feature in order to perform quick actions over the candidate. Whenever the user clicks on the delete candidate button, the system will automatically remove all the data related to candidates from the system.

If the user performs the unassign operation for the multiple candidates who are in-process to jobs and their interview scheduled, the system will unassign those candidates from jobs.

→ Talent Pool option in Pipeline
We have enhanced the system by adding talent pool functionality in pipeline screen. Here the user can directly add the selected candidates to the talent pool.

→ Close multiple jobs
The user can close the multiple jobs at one go in the system.

→ Attachment option in the mail-in candidate view dialog
We have enhanced the system by adding attachment option in mail-in candidate view dialog box. Here the user can upload an attachment in the mail conversation with their candidates.
The user can add an attachment in the mail from Candidate view dialog >> Send mail tab.

→ Attachment size change
We have enhanced the system by increasing upload size of attachments in the mail from 10 MB to 15 MB which would help the user to add the required documents or any other information into the system for their clients and candidates.

→ AI resume parser implementation
Existing resume parser feature is now enhanced with Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the system. Now the performance & accuracy of resume parser is improved in order to grab the relevant data of candidates.

→ Vendor view dialog
The vendor view dialog is added in manage vendor screen where you can see the detailed information about the vendors.

→ GSuite integration with oAuth
The GSuite team is recommending to use the OAuth protocol over the IMAP for security reasons. Now the user can configure their mail using OAuth based authentication which is more reliable. Please contact support for further information.

→ Send CV to the interviewer
When the user creates an interview for the candidate, an automatic mail will be sent to the interviewer which includes a CV of the candidate in the attachment.

→ Twilio - call to multiple users
The VOIP Twilio call service is enhanced where multiple users can make the call to candidates at a time.

→ Autocomplete suggestion in the keyword search
The keyword search criteria are enhanced with autocomplete suggestion to the user which would help to search the candidates on the basis of keyword search in a quicker way. If the user enters three characters in the keyword search, then its related keyword will be automatically suggested to them. This would ultimately help the user to enter the keyword with less number of keystrokes and spelling mistake can be eliminated.

→ Track Rejected & Hired Candidates in Pipeline
The recruitment stages in the candidate pipeline screen which help to track all the candidate's information are enhanced by adding two new sections in it.

1. Rejected status count.
2. Hired/joined status count.

Apart from in-process candidates, the pipeline screen will also show the hired and rejected candidates. Earlier it was not possible to see the rejected and hired candidates in the Pipeline screen.

→ Track Historical Jobs & Candidates in Pipeline
Many upon a time recruiter process the rejected candidates of the particular job to similar jobs. This approach is good enough to quickly submit the candidate as pre-screening and many other steps you can skip.

To enable such kind of stuff, we enhanced Pipeline screen where you can search for candidates who got rejected or in any other status by jobs.

On the top side, there is a checkbox with the name “Show only active jobs”. By default, this option will be checked and Pipeline is going to show only candidates of Active jobs only. If you uncheck this checkbox, it will show candidates across all the jobs including active and historical both.

On the top side, there is a checkbox with the name “Show only active candidates”. By default, this option will be checked and Pipeline is going to show only active candidates. If you uncheck this checkbox, it will show all the candidates across all the jobs.

→ Candidate search through a specific date
In the candidate search, the other search section is enhanced by adding a custom option. Here the user can search the candidates within the system by “From date” to “To date”.
Advance search>>Other>>Import within>>Custom Date.

→ Dashboard- Summary Section
The summary section on the dashboard is now customizable where the user can customize the summary section according to their priorities.

→ Smart search
The smart search criteria are enhanced with quick options where the user can generate the boolean string of lost focus of any skill control.

→ Mass Mail integration
If you want to see the analytics of all the mass emails which you send through the system, you can configure your own mass mail account. It also gives you more flexibility in terms of budget and email sending limit.
The following are the leading providers supported in the system.

1. Send grid
2. Mail-gun

→ Display client name on the candidate
The client name is displayed on the hover of job title in the candidate search.

→ Change Candidate status
The user can change the candidate status from the candidate grid view by clicking on the job name.

→ Filter option in the candidate search
The candidate search is enhanced with filter option where the user can quickly search the candidates on the basis of their name, qualification, location, contact number, the current designation, email address, etc through the list view.

→ Lead report - Added lead details
When the user clicks on the lead added option in the lead report, the system will show the dialog box where the user can add detailed information about the leads.

Reports>>Lead Report>>Select Period>>Generate Report>>Lead Added

If you have any query then you can contact us on support@ismartrecruit.com and if you wish to post an inquiry then you can send us on sales@ismartrecruit.com.

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