Home Award Winning Musician Ben Okafor New Single - Perfect Friends - release date 20th Sept 2019

Award Winning Musician Ben Okafor New Single - Perfect Friends - release date 20th Sept 2019

Press Release: August 28, 2019

After the release of the first single from the new album by Ben Okafor & The Liberators, the coming months are set to be Reggae rich with the release of the Second Single.
When it comes to dropping a catchy riff on top of a funky, melodic bassline, it would appear that Ben and his band have it completely right. The spiritually inspired lyrics flow, almost passively, over the creamy backing vocals with the horns popping off over the top of the whole masterpiece. Ben’s vocals really step up in the second half and his natural improvisation gives them a polished, yet homegrown sound. The B-side, Sanctify my Soul, is not ambiguous in its message, nor in it’s indication of Ben’s writing abilities. The lyrics, whilst direct, are subtle enough to make you think. The quality of musicianship from all involved in this track sets it apart from the majority of popular spiritual music and the idea that there is so much to be gained from unity, peace and love is clear on both tracks. The single will be released on 20th September 2019.

Ben Said : “These two songs, whilst different in style, really work with each other and I am hoping they will promote unity both through spiritualism and otherwise. I am so grateful to all my followers who appreciate this message and enjoy the way in which we deliver it!”

‘Perfect Friends’ can be heard here: https://youtu.be/rx7OHtvmuaM

‘Sanctify My Soul’ can be heard here: https://youtu.be/watch?v=yhhHFQeQE8w

SoundCloud : https://soundcloud.com/user-686542008/sets/perfect-friends-single-1

About Ben Okafor:

Born in Enugu, Nigeria as one of 8 children, Ben grew up in difficult times during the civil war in Nigeria and even fought as a child soldier at 13. The underlying themes of justice and activism continually pop up throughout his music and poetry and this was cemented by the exposure to the lively street performance of west African Highlife.
Influenced by a multitude of sources from Miriam Makeba to The Rolling Stones to Fela Kuti, Ben’s music encompasses the best traits of world music whilst staying true to individual genres that he approaches. This mentality was harnessed when Ben moved to the Midlands in 1979 and quickly released two albums under the production of Bob Lamb (Early UB40’s fame). From this point, Ben toured and released more studio albums, along with collaborative albums, such as ‘Blood Brothers’ with the Rocking Reverend, Garth Hewitt. Since the early days, Ben has released 12 albums, including collaborations, and taken his music from venue to venue, including everything from churches to coffee shops to festivals.
Ben has toured internationally and played at many renowned festivals such as Glastonbury, The Cambridge Folk Festival and Cornerstone. He has also started a record label, RoadSweeper Productions (http://roadsweeperproductions.com), a community charity, AMAKA Beautiful Child (http://amaka.org) which encourages youth participation in creative activities in Malvern, as well as producing a stage play and fighting against modern day slavery on an international scale.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Ben-Okafor/140357829311212
Twitter : https://twitter.com/benokafor1
Website : http://www.benokafor.com

For more information please contact okafor@mediacrush.co.uk/ 07917524442

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