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Award Winning Fanela Perfects New Standard in Embroidered Shirt Quality

Press Release: March 30, 2010

With superb facilities, an award winning team of 100, and unrivalled capabilities for all aspects of clothing embellishment, the Leicester-based company is setting new standards for embroidered shirt production.

For 10 years now Fanela have been producing quality embroidered shirts, and the company has focused on consistently developing their embroidery services and products to accommodate changing trends and give maximum impact.

From the choice of embroidered shirt rugby, polo, sweat or T, through to the embroidery design itself, Fanela produces the most stunning items with the highest quality finish.

Fanela also enjoys a reputation for superb customer service the company understands that their clients needs are different and varied. Some people want a disposable embroidered shirt for a rock-bottom price, and others need a more fashion-led item of extremely high quality to best reflect their brand. Fanela does both. Lead times are minimal, service is exceptional, and customers are always happy so much so that Fanela has won numerous customer awards for its products and services.

As far as their embroidered shirt production methods and machinery are concerned, Fanela are regarded as one of the most cutting edge embroidery clothing companies in the UK. Eight x eight -head embroidery machines, all of which are capable of up to 15 colour embroidery, can ensure any job is completed in the quickest time. And by making sure that equipment and software is constantly upgraded to continually maximize the skills of the Fanela digitisers and graphic designers, Fanela can ensure that their embroidered shirt quality is, quite simply, the best there is.

Finally, variety is something Fanela does too. The companys investment over the years in the latest embroidery machines has enabled them to perfect every type of embroidery, on every item, from the most basic, to more complex, 3D effect & appliqu embroidery, and 'on pocket' embroidery too.

With superb colour quality and exceptional finish, with excellent customer service and unbeatable lead times, Fanela undoubtedly has the answer. For further information, contact Fanela on 01530 517 777.

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