Press Release: June 15, 2017

Independent filmmaker Rickey Bird is proud to announce the release of his first filmmaking manual, Cheap Movie Tricks: How to Shoot a Film for Less than $2,000.

As co-founder of Hectic Films and veteran of independent movies, Rickey Bird has over 10-years’ experience building a grassroots film company from the ground up: from creating the story and directing your vision with your team, to complex post production and critical financing. In this guide, he’s with you every step of the way, sharing personal tricks and anecdotes that stretch dollars without sacrificing quality.
Whether you’re just starting out with a video camera and a single lightbulb, or you want advice on how to market your already finished film to festivals and producers, Cheap Movie Tricks has the information and guidance needed to make that a reality. Jam-packed with unique and engaging material, screenwriters, editors, and makeup artists alike will all learn invaluable information to become an experienced, informed artist ready to tackle the challenges of the film world.

Written by the director behind the award-winning “Naked Zombie Girl” and “The Lackey”, Rickey Bird knows what it takes to build an empire on a budget. Since co-founding Hectic Films in 2003, his team’s feature films, shorts, micro documentaries, commercials, and tutorials have screened in some of the most renowned American film festivals and been watched online all over the world. With Cheap Movie Tricks, Rickey shares his secrets to success and covers all the bases for the cinephile with limited cash but big dreams. Now available at Barnes and Noble, Target, Amazon, and Indie Bound, and from the Hectic Films official website, don’t miss out on this literary event that all aspiring filmmakers need in their library.

For inquiries and more information, please visit www.hecticfilms.com or www.cheapmovietricks.net email us at info@hecticfilms.com.

Praise for Cheap Movie Tricks:

“A must read for inspiring filmmakers.”
- Rachel Belofsky, Founder / Festival Director - ScreamFest

“Hey, you budding young filmmakers — it’s time to shoot your own damn movie! But first, grab a copy of “Cheap Movie Tricks,” a how-to guidebook to the exciting world of micro-budget indie filmmaking. Packed full of good straightforward advice delivered in a conversational tone, it’s like having your own personal mentor. Clever topics like “Plan B.” “Don’t Get Arrested, “and “Stories That Don’t Suck” make it highly entertaining as well as informative.”
- Brinke Stevens - actress, writer, director, producer

"I wouldn’t say it’s a stretch to say that Rickey is a new version of Hitchcock, who was known as the “The Master of Suspense,” but I would add he is a master of doing more with less. If anyone can teach you, show you, step-by-step, how to get the most out of your equipment with a limited budget, Rickey is the one to do just that, and he can provide you the skills and tools to turn any project into a piece of art."
- Vincent M. Ward - The Walking Dead

“Not only is Rickey Bird one of the finest filmmakers I know. He's conquered and overcome the need for film school by simply engaging in the process and creating his own film masterpieces. I'm going to buy and utilize this book. Thank you Rickey Bird for creating a superhighway where once there was just a dusty road.”

- Del Weston – Founder – Director Action on Film Festival

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