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Avoiding the Pitfalls of Free TV Online

Press Release: February 15, 2010

When you hear the phrase "free TV online", you probably get suspicious of shady sites offering suspicious software that may be bundled with spyware or try to sneak hidden charges at you under the guise of a one time payment.

It's true that the vast amount of offers or services you find offering these services are little more than a thinly veiled attempt to grab cash from your wallet, however there are some legitimate services out there that are completely free and worth checking out. Just be sure that you visit the sites directly and don't go through any third party gateways which may try to charge you access for a service that is free.

There are far too many nasty figures out there on the web, who specialize in tricking people into paying for services and products that are free to begin with. Never buy any of those PC to TV software programs or satellite subscriptions that are being bombarded to you through e-mails, classifieds and even spotty youtube videos.

Look for aggregators of video content, most of which are legal or exist in a political quagmire that has so far has been deemed confusingly legitimate by US court rooms. A few of the big players include NBC's Hulu, Sony's Crackle, Fancast (an extension of Hulu), Paramount's EPIX and AOL's Slashcontrol.

Just like the mainstays of movie streaming sites, like Veoh and Joost, these sites intend to compete and offer up streaming TV services that rival what you get on your old black & white cable subscriptions.

Even the big G (that's Google) has jumped on the bandwagon offering up legal movies, such as Ghost Busters and classic films like Heidi and the Little Princess, to entice viewers to stick around a bit longer. Major film and tv networks like American Movie Classics (AMC), ABC and CBS are offering up their tv shows exclusively through their own websites or aggregators like Hulu.

Older movie rental models are switching to streaming the movies directly to you. It means no late charges, and less shipping and management costs for them. If you're a Netflix or Blockbuster member in the US, you can check out the online offerings through their member sites.

Regardless of where you find your TV show or movie content, here are a few tips on how to improve the experience:

1. Disable the screen saver to avoid annoying interruptions while watching. Most screen savers are set to display after 10-15 minutes of no activity (that means the mouse hasn't moved).

2. If you're using a cheap router provided by your ISP, be sure that it's placed in an area that is well ventilated to avoid it from over-heating and temporarily shutting down. This would cause your video to stop loading, and again would require you to play the video back again and reload most of the video (that's double the bandwidth usage).

3. Get your snacks ready, and let the video load while you do so.

4. Sit back and enjoy the convenience of streaming movies and TV at home.

With the aforementioned tips, it should be a breeze to enjoy your online TV experience for free, without having to worry about the minute problems that usually plague online video.

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