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AverickMedia to Release a Full-Fledged CEO Email List for B2B Businesses

Press Release: January 05, 2021

Houston, Texas, United States of America [5th January 2021]: AverickMedia, the company that has been at the leading position of releasing B2B databases as a marketing tool for the past decade, has now stepped forward to release the CEO Email List. The CEO Email List is a list that the company released to make it possible for businesses and CEO to connect directly without the resource expenditure or time consumed on intermediaries or indirect sources.

The CEO Email List comes with the contact data of over 70% of all the CEO in the United States. The list is cost-effective, ROI effective, to improve conversion rates, updates every 90 days, and creates high quality leads. The motive of this email list is to allow businesses to directly connect with the most crucial and decision making c-level executive in a company.

C-level executives are so far the hardest to connect. Simultaneously they are the ones that make the final decisions. In the initial stages, a business tends to connect with frontline officers and end up waiting for responses from C-Level executives through them. It can work for companies that have a well planned and before the hand-launched campaign, but may not work for businesses trying to get their leads as soon as possible. A process that involves connecting with executives and then chief executives leads to the overconsumption of time and resources spent on every level of connection.

The CEO Email List brings forward B2B businesses to benefit from the opportunity. To directly connect with C-level executives through email, telephone, fax, direct mail, or site addresses. Multi-channel marketing campaigns resulted in leads coming in from various sources and an efficient marketing strategy.

Bryan McKenzie, the marketing manager of a leading manufacturing company, said," We have always been part of taking under marketing campaigns that take up so much of our time. By the time we can get a final response, we have already crossed the bar that has been set. The CEO Email List from AverickMedia was everything we wanted to change that part of our marketing efforts. We could directly email CEOs from a targeted business and get back responses that were most-awaited,"

About AverickMedia:

AverickMedia has been a world-known database provider for the past decade. Businesses find AverickMedia to be a trusted data-partner for all of their marketing needs. The company is also known to be the only transparent data provider with accurate and precise data. Along with its database services, the company is also a market leader in advanced data management services.

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