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Press Release: June 16, 2017

Kent, England
Par Vending has a vast range of vending machines for offices that can be of immense utility for them. Their vending machines are known to be of superior quality and their clientele believes that their competitors do not even come close when it comes to the quality and promptness of maintenance service of vending machines.
Par Vending supplies many types of vending machines such as snack machines, can vendors, coffee machines and food machines. Offices need these vending machines as it is not feasible for offices to buy separate appliances for each of the product.
For offices it may be an unwise investment to buy vending machines as they are readily available on rent. The advantages of renting vending machines outweigh the benefits of buying these machines.
Par Vending supply these machines to the site at no extra cost along with many added benefits such as cleaning, servicing and maintenance of these machines which is also free of cost. They only require a 13 amp socket. Irrespective of the industry that the office belongs to, Par Vending can supply vending machines to their office.
The vending machines are known to be equipped with latest machinery that is also highly power efficient in terms of electricity consumption. They come with a flash cooling technology that implies that electricity is utilised only when the chilled drink selection is used. They employ the use of long life LED lighting that means the light tubes do not have to be frequently replaced and hence saves a lot of unnecessary expenses.
They have a vast experience of supplying vending machines as they have been in this industry since 1989 and this rich experience helps them to be proficient at their services. Their knowledge of vending machines has enabled them to design machines that not only operate well but are also environment friendly. They have earned the tag of environment friendly by using recycled components for almost 92% of the machine that makes these machines the most environment friendly machines in London.
For more information visit their website: http://www.parvending.co.uk/
Contact them at
Birling Road,
West Malling,
ME19 5HT
Tel: 01732 842 469
E-mail: info@parvending.co.uk

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