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Avail mobile broadband from Vodafone and take home free laptop

Press Release: April 06, 2010

Internet is the best way to do so. But unfortunately affording laptops or computer systems in not everybody's cup of tea. If they somehow manage to buy a computer then their huge monthly broadband bills give them a lot of pain. Therefore, they either drop the idea of using a laptop or opt to go for a dial-up connection. But dial-up connections have many restrictions and mobility is the main concern for it's users. In an attempt to come up with a solution for the above mentioned problems, Vodafone is relaunching it's free laptop broadband bundle.

This news has come up as a double surprise for all those people who were thinking of either buying a laptop or availing the mobile broadband services. This offer is good enough to meet the needs and requirements of both these type of the people. Under this offer, you only need to pay a small nominal monthly fee to enjoy the mobile broadband services of Vodafone and take home either the Dell Inspiron mini 10 or the Samsung N130 free of cost.

You have the option of either going for the 1GB or 3GB mobile broadband package. If you go for the first option then you only require to pay £25 per month (inclusive of VAT). However, if you make up your mind to go for the second option i.e. 3GB package then this monthly fee goes a little higher. In this case, you are required to pay £30 per month for 2 years (as it is a 2 year contract). Both netbooks run on Window's operating systems besides enabling the users to enjoy sufficient storage space due to the presence of a 160GB hard drive.

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