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Avail Fire Door Repairs from Doorway Services

Press Release: June 15, 2017

Northamptonshire, England
Doorway services have launched the service of repairing fire doors. Fire doors are used to add extra protection to a premise in the event of a fire breaking out. These fire doors can contain the flames from spreading for at least 30 minutes before giving in to the fire.
Fire doors should be used in as many applications as possible as they can protect a commercial or residential premise from suffering a lot of damage due to fire. It can be a lifesaving protection as they can give a person some time to plan an escape through the premise that has caught fire.
Fire doors are commonly used in places that can suffer extensive damage if they catch fire such as banks, malls, commercial business centres etc. There can be many sources of fire in a commercial or residential property. The most common reason for a fire breaking out is short circuit.
Short circuit usually happens in a building due to rats eating the wires that are used to transfer electricity. Hence it is quite unpredictable and the possibility of fire breaking out also increases. Also in any given premise there are materials that are inflammable. In such conditions if a fire breaks out then it has a lot of fuel to spread further.
There are many benefits of using fire doors such as protecting the occupants of a premise in which a fire has broken out. These fire doors are made up of a material that is fire resistant. Since these materials are fire resistant they can tolerate fire for some time before giving in. They are made up of a special core that is slow to burn such as a solid construction, wood composite material or a flax board.
Doorway services is quite prompt in terms of providing the services. A customer can get a quote instantly for their requirement irrespective of whether it is installation, maintenance or repair work.
For more information visit their website: http://doorwayservices.co.uk/

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