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Automatic enrolment passes the eight million milestone

Press Release: September 15, 2017

Northampton,United Kingdom - 14th September, 2017

Payroll.co.uk is a service provider, which offers excellent and professional services in managing payroll, and auto-enrolment related responsibilities for a business. Besides, they provide security to your confidential data with HMRC approved software.
Auto-enrolment policy was introduced with the aim that the employees can save money for their retirement. Over the years, around eight millions of workers have saved for their retirement.
According to a source, “The reach of eight million workers is a difficult achievement but signifies that huge number of people is concerned about secured retirement.”
However, companies like Payroll.co.uk believe that this is not the end and it is important to enrol more individuals in auto-enrolment to provide for a secured retirement. Furthermore, they do not have to compromise on their standard of living.
As per a research report, “At the end of June, 8,165,000 workers were ideally saving for their retirement.” This was due to workplace pension and prominently because of auto-enrolment.
Above all, in 2017, approximately 44, 328 more UK employers declared that they have successfully fulfilled the automatic enrolment duties entitled to them. This declaration thereby resulted into a boost to more employers realising their responsibilities.
Payrool.co.uk has noticed that more and more employers are looking to adhere to the auto-enrolment mandate. Employees themselves are keen to sign-in for a workplace pension. As a matter of fact, the industry expects more than 500,000 employers to complete their duties by enrolling their employees for an auto-enrolment policy.
It is thereby important for employers to seek advice from a reliable and professional firm who can successfully carry out this task on their behalf. This will ensure that they follow right procedure and without making any errors.
Payroll.co.uk is a firm that offers appropriate payroll services to their clients. They ensure that the employees’ receive their salaries on time, taxes are paid on time and other needful tasks are done before the deadline.
Their team comprises of team of industry experts who have quality industry experience which is their biggest asset. Besides, they minimise your additional accountancy expenditure.
To learn more about their services you can log on to: www.payroll.co.uk. For further details you can call on: 0800 669 6609

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