Home Author Stephen R. Kirkendall Promotes His Book - Necessary For Jesus: 70 Prophecies 70 Rewards

Author Stephen R. Kirkendall Promotes His Book - Necessary For Jesus: 70 Prophecies 70 Rewards

Press Release: December 21, 2020

Author Stephen R. Kirkendall Promotes His Book - Necessary For Jesus: 70 Prophecies 70 Rewards

Author Stephen R. Kirkendall is pleased to announce the promotion of his book, Necessary For Jesus: 70 Prophecies 70 Rewards. Time equals money replaced by time, so money can replace time!

What if an award-winning recipe could add one more ingredient (take nothing away) and 10 times as many fell in love with it? Well guess what there is! By adding the full New Testament truth about tithing you have taken away nothing but what you have added is the basic 101 of Christianity. All Jesus has asked for is our time/money helping others. If you have no time or money (a replacement of time) involved it means very little to you! Money is getting harder to find but there would be so many more people wanting to give their time, it would be explosive for the Kingdom of God.! There is a book using NKJV that would be a great study guide using less than 3 hours which would put all of us on same page about God’s honor.

Necessary For Jesus: 70 Prophecies 70 Rewards is available for purchase in print and ebook formats.

Book Information:
Necessary For Jesus
70 Prophecies 70 Rewards
By Stephen R. Kirkendall
Publisher : Christian Faith Publishing
ISBN: 978-1098006754
ASIN: B081D4H2K8
Pages: 108
Genre: Christianity, Christian Living

About the Author:
Stephen Kirkendall, ChFC (chartered financial consultant), has helped Christians with financial investments for many years through mortgage loans, life insurance, investments, estate planning, retirement-income planning, and wealth management. He realized early on that most Christians have serious questions about tithing, but there seemed to be no solid answers. He decided to dig deeper into the truth in the Scriptures. There are too many wolves on TV, the Internet, and YouTube. They state that pastors who talk about tithing are thieves and that tithing is unscriptural and that they’re getting away with it because no one is challenging them with the full truth. Churches have broken up over tithing. There are marriages that have ended in divorce because of tithing. The real, full truth needs to come out. It is so important that God uses more than seven chapters to explain! The result is the biblically driven study Necessary for Jesus. Most Christians know what was necessary for Jesus. Seventy prophecies fulfilled. Why don’t Christians know what is necessary for Jesus? Seventy rewards for helping Jesus.

Website: https://tithingproofnkjv.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/stephen.kirkendall.77/
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